Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Morning Guitar Out of a Book

Today I woke up and picked up my Sigma coustic guitar, set the "Real Vocal Book" on my music stand, and played a song at random called "My Attorney Bernie".  The "Real Vocal Book" is better than the "Real Book" in my opinion because it has lyrics so you can actually see what these songs are about.  I'm not a jazz-buff but i like reading music and I absolutely LOVE lead sheets.  My method for playing something I've never heard before on a lead sheet is reading and playing the chords, then reading and playing the melody, then trying to play the melody with attention to the chords, then improvising licks on top of the chords, then trying to sing the song and play the chords.  Then the phone rings or something....
"Music is the Best" - FZ

Have a look inside the Real Vocal Book

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