Thursday, November 12, 2009

Paper Cat news

Paper Cat - the band, featuring yours truly with Eric Slick and Julie Slick, will be recording an e.p. in Philadelphia within the month.  A few weeks ago, we had a pre-production conference meeting via video iChat and it was very productive as well as funny and new.  Julie gave me a live video tour of her recording studio and it seems it will be just the right atmosphere.  We discussed gear, studio layout, song material, improv, food, drink, sleep, film, and schedule.   We all seem to be looking forward to it and I plan to warm up for 5 days in advance before the sessions.   We also took screenshots of our video chats.

I set up my pedalboard, including a Delay, Wah, Whammy (peevish name), Distortion, Fuzz, Phasor, and Tuner.  Got it plugged into my home stereo and I'm not sure if i'm blowing my speakers or not but I love the way guitar sounds through a home stereo.

I think, for the sessions, I'm going to bring a solid baritone guitar and semi-hollowbody electric and use two amplifiers running at the same time in stereo, most likely using my 1x12 combo amp and one of julie's guitar amps.  I'll also bring a couple more microphones and we're gonna "just do it" after setting up and record music in the same live room.

Keep checkin here for more updates about the recording..... but also check out julie's blog.


We have a show on December 11th at the Kyber in Philly opening for Cheers Elephant.  It will be our second show and by then we will most likely be finished recording our E.P.  I believe we are going to be the 2nd band of 5 bands to play.

I am proud to leave you with this picture; from a show I played with AudraRox for kids recently at the Socrates Sculpture Park in Astoria, Queens, NY.

Photo by Kim Parker Russell

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