Saturday, October 19, 2013


United Mutations: DENNY WALLEY & THE RADICAL COOL DUDES THAT RULE: Thursday, October24, 2013 at Coco SixtySix in Brooklyn, NY DENNY WALLEY & THE RADICAL COOL DUDES THAT RULE Denny Walley - L...

Thursday, October 17, 2013

MC WHACK - "Slicin it Up" single (Produced by Robbie Seahag)....

DENNY WALLEY (primarily the legendary slide guitarist Frank Zappa, The Mothers, Captain Beefheart, The Magic Band, Geronimo Black) called me up to do a set with him while in NYC.

COME TO COCO SIXTY-SIX in Greenpoint, Brooklyn on OCT 24th.

DENNY WALLEY (primarily the legendary slide guitarist Frank Zappa, The Mothers, Captain Beefheart, The Magic Band, Geronimo Black) called me up to do a set with him while in NYC.

Coming next week.  Radical Cool Dudes that Rule with DENNY WALLEY.

Denny Walley and Lead Vocals and Lead Guitar, Bossman 

Radical Cool Dudes that Rule are:
Robbie Seahag Mangano on Guitar and Vocals
Adm Mnkff on Bass and Vocals 
Keith Morris Abrams - drums
Brad Whiteley on keyboard
Rich Rakowski on Sax

10pm: Denny Walley and the Radical Cool Dudes that Rule...
The Woes and one more band TBA.

The GOASTT (The Ghost Of A Saber Toothed Tiger) is a the name of the band for Sean Lennon and Charlotte Kemp Muhl.

The GOASTT (The Ghost Of A Saber Toothed Tiger) is a the name of the band for Sean Lennon and Charlotte Kemp Muhl. 

 (Left to Right:  Charlotte Kemp Muhl, Connor Grant, Sean Lennon, Jared Samuel, Robbie Mangano, not pictured on drums:  Tim Kuhl).  

Here's a huge review of our second show together that lasted about 40 minutes, in Kingston, NY on Sept 28th, 2013. -HAG

Friday, April 29, 2011

Purgatory at the 2nd Avenue Station

Razor blade - sharp - shines at my eye.
Trumpeter plays the Dreiwitz pygmy horn, silenced for the hundredth time by the arriving uptown F.

There's never been a quick transfer at the 2nd Avenue Station.
Not for me in 15 years.

His licks sound like a blind cat sweeping his claws against linoleum
for a chance to find a bottlecap (his own toy invention), 
once belonging to a 2-liter bottle of coca-cola or pepsi.

With arms raised, another stretches out the bullshit of the day.
It sheds but unfortunately, he gets it on everyone else - 
because he feels it, he's relieving himself.

Men think they are cute - in movies directed by women.
Period pieces... so lonely are they.
They dress the part and their faces say - 
"Save me
Mother me up
I'm real"
It's here:
For everything, I feel.

Straight Shot Down 2nd Avenue, Manhattan

Tunnel view - capsulated street ship.
Aborted submarine.
Desert shark.

It's these guys with ties that imagine they're on the rise. (They sure walk like it.)
Slappin' each other's back cause Thursday's been the new Friday
since before they joined the workforce.
Is it football Season?

She reminded me of the old heroin face.
The color or lack thereof grey skin.
Still cool.
No problem cause I've solved it, for now.
I could be dead wrong.
Donuts are sometimes the happiest notion in my mind.

Nothing brought bliss like the sweet cupcake with purple-pale icing.
Delivered from the Cakelord herself,
fully becoming the solid fruition of her legend,
her sound, her utter being.
My savioress, I savor.

Straight Shot Up 1st Avenue, Manhattan

Ah to be on a bus, the airplane of the streets.
Noisy. Turbulence.
Out of the window, people in their clouds.

Goofy jogging man looks as though he's had enough running.
Hospital workers still wearing their drab hospital clothes -
walking on the dirty streets - I hope they go straight home.

Pass the medical center, where the many problems are
Born, Bred, and Dead.

Hasidic man on cell phone looks like Santa Claus in April.
I have a feeling...

Pregnant woman uses her fetus hump to rest her hands upon.
Must be comforting to know its not a result of a bad diet.
A soft, portable texting table.
I wonder if Joe-soon-to-be-baby can break the mother's code....
Do we ever?

Respect for the handicapped, there within.

Mindset on the F

Throw it on a t-shirt and sell it.
Retro-fit like a black and white photo tossed on a multi-colored poster.
Nine is a cheap number.
We're getting a deal.

Mr. Brown Hat/Brown Shoes guy grows a big nose,
and another one sits closer to me.
Sleeping man across from me has scissor-crab legs and a silver ring.

There's a tall baby with a green beanie,
holding a curved pole and dangling a gold earring,
invisibly leaning, soon to be leaving.

Electric Earmuff girl with blue mom-jeans and pink dad-watch,
remains on the train as I leave them all

Monday, March 22, 2010

Paper Cat Video and NYC Show March 28

Paper Cat recording "Intro" at Slick Studios in Philadelphia, March 2010.

Bass - Julie Slick
Drums - Eric Slick
Guitar - Robbie Seahag

We're playing at Cake Shop in NYC, 8:30pm on Sunday March 28th.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Goodbye Winter! Hello Spring!

(My porcelain touring bunny is sitting on top of the left stereo amplifier during my concert with the Grande Mothers in Germany, August 2009.  I plan on retiring the bunny this year.  He's been working with me for 2 years.)

Happy New Year Everyone!  2010 is a pretty looking number.  Happy Birthday to me; an Aquarius, born on January 21st!  I spent both New Years and my birthday relaxing with my lady.  My whim idea to celebrate at Medieval Times didn't take off this year, but I'll go there someday.  

Since I haven't written since Dec 18th, I'll tell you what has happened since then, and only predict the future.  Since this is music biz, I'd rather just predict something will happen, than say it is.  Yes, the gigs are booked in the future, but what if??

In April I predict I head will head off for another European tour with The Grande Mothers, a five piece band, featuring three members of the Mothers of Invention; Roy Estrada, Don Preston, and Napoleon Murphy Brock.  I'll play guitar in this outfit and Chris Garcia will plays drums.  We will play only the Frank Zappa compositions that the members Roy, Napoleon, and Don recorded or performed with the genius/maestro.

My instrumental band, PAPER CAT, has a New York debut show booked on March 28th at the Cake Shop in the East Village, NYC.  We also have a show booked at the Khyber in Philadelphia, PA on May 21st.  Eric Slick joined the Philly group Dr. Dog in December and they are heavily touring right now.  We're going about our Paper Cat work between our collective outside touring schedules.  Julie Slick is recording her killer sounding solo album and I'm contributing to that as well.

I've been rehearsing with my friend Dave Bronson for his projected 2010 CD release.  Dave and I played together around 2002 in a band called Readymaker, after playing in the band for an off broadway rock-opera called Fortune Cookie Dreams.  Dave has been working on his solo album for FIVE YEARS and in the last five years I've recorded a lot of guitar for him.  Baritone Guitar, slide guitar, regular guitar...  Actually all of my memories of the recordings I've done for Dave in the last five years are lost and I haven't heard any of it since the recordings were made.  He tells me it's all great.  It will be fun to hear what leads and rhythms I played on his album.  He says, "You're all over it".  What I do know is that Dave is a real nice guy.  Also I have the opportunity to play with my old Project/Object touring buddy, Jordan Shapiro who is on keys and Dave's brother and animator, Jeremy Bronson, on drums, for the live band.  Rehearsals will be once a week in march so we'll get some more down for then.  

The above picture is Readymaker in Tribeca, 2002. (l to r: Christian McCleer, David Bronson, Jeremy Bronson, Big Dan Jesselsohn, Robbie Seahag)

A lot of my gigs this winter have been playing guitar for a kid's music group called AudraroxAudra Tsanos is putting out her second record this spring.  Both Jordan Shapiro and I play guitar on the record.   The album is produced by Marty Beller, the talented drummer from They Might Be Giants.  Also the album was engineered and mixed with the great Patrick Dillet at the no-longer existing Campo Studios in the East Village, NYC.  Audra has been keeping me busy lighting up little kids' faces with songs like "Too Much Fun", "Don't Wake the Baby", "Can't Find My Shoes", "Sugar High", "I'm Tired", "My Mom's A Rockstar".  It is really cute and fun to play for an audience of 3 to 8 year old kids jumping around with their parents.  The core band for Audrarox are "cats":  Lily White (Sax/flute), Tony Graci (drums), and Adam Armstrong (bass).  The vocalists are Jennifer Milich and Audra Tsanos.

The other gigs I have been doing are with the Old Rugged Sauce at The Lovin' Cup in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  I've been playing regularly with ORS since December 1999 and I've always gone back to playing in the group when I'm home and off the road.   We've played weekly at 3 other bars since I started with the Sauce.  Those bars are: The Right Bank Cafe (Williamsburg), The Pour House (Williamsburg), and Grape and Grain (East Village).  We play "Saloon-style" songs as Sinatra would call them.  Standards with vocals and a few instrumentals.  Also a lot of Rhythm and Blues.  It's the kind of group where we don't advertise as much as go out and play to keep our chops up, make the bar owners happy, and hang out together.  We play for tips too, and occasionally we've been booked for weddings and parties.  Of course what makes ORS great is that the players are supreme and we're old friends with common needs.  Pauly Sosnowski (golden vocalist and guitarist, fearless leader), and Dave Dreiwitz is on bass (dave is most popularly known as bassist for WEEN), when Dave isn't around to play we have the great Alec Morton (x-bassist for Raging Slab and comedian Denis Leary).  We often have Mike Gomez (from Hazmat Modine) on lap steel and guitar.  Lots of other guests have sat in on snare drum and cymbal, and harmonica, trombone, etc.

The picture above is Old Rugged Sauce in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, 2010 near the bar at The Lovin' Cup.  l to r: David Dreiwitz, Paul Sosnowski, me (with hat covering face).

I've been helping my friend Godfrey Diamond test out the best 15-20 watt guitar heads available for his recording studio.  So far we went to guitar center and tried out their Egnator, the Vox night train, and went to Main Drag in Williamsburg to try out the orange tiny terror.  I have been partial to the Tiny Terror and the night train.   The idea is to bring 3 heads to his studio and try recording them and then keep the winner.  Its a cool project.  Godfrey says that the small amp heads are the thing that every amp company is rushing to make nowadays and i think he's onto something of a trend since I see Mesa/Boogie is now putting one out that I really wanna try. Anyway it's been fun trying these out and playing through them for godfrey who is a great engineer, mixer, drummer, and producer.  Godfrey is looking for a straight up modern rock amp for his studio and chooses 15 watt heads because he prefers that the recorded speaker be at that volume range.

I'm still tutoring guitar and bass privately and teaching at the School of Rock.  I've also been musical director to the School of Rock All Stars for 12 rehearsals.  The kids are all cool and we're playing some fun music together, 

That's all I'm gonna update for this giant blog post due to hibernation! 

Thanks for reading,