Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Back from Europe Tour

Back from Europe!

Here's a great pic of Roy Estrada at the home of some friends in Italy.

There are video clips from the tour.

With Project/Object:

With Grandmothers:

Sold a bunch of my new project with Eric and Julie Slick in parts Italy and in Zurich. We don't quite have a name yet, but I have some favorites. Plus Eric Slick and I have a band name list of about 400+ horrible band names.... most too horrible to use for ourselves or that describe our music. I sold it as many different names.... Hag/Slick, Slick/Hag, Robbie Seahag Trio with Eric Slick and Julie Slick, Paper Cat Trio featuring Robbie Mangano, Eric Slick, and Julie Slick. It is a cd of our first and only live performance thus far! We're planning on getting into Julie's studio to record for real very soon, though.

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