Friday, August 7, 2009

Prague on Aug 7th

I left JFK airport at 3:55 and got to Frankfurt, Germany pretty quick. Lufthansa is the best airline - first class service in economy class. Around 11:30 pm NYC time, we arrived in Frankfurt. I sat next to a great couple from Brooklyn. They were really "nice". I quote because the guy loved to say "nice". But I really liked them. I hope they have a great vacay in Greece. I didn't get their names but I gave them a card. We talked about wildlife, fishing, traveling, brooklyn, eating, and music.

Speaking of Cards... I have two people to thank for my new business card that I'm carting around Europe right now. One is my lovely girlfriend, Elizabeth, who said "You should use that". And one is my recently departed daddy, Joe, or Dadhag which he used to like to go by at my concerts. Dadhag paid a guy in Florida make me this design with my name incorporated into a bass, when i was about 12-13 years old. Mygirlfriend saying, "I think you should use that design for a business card" was very very endearing to me. I went to Staples and here it is: From the original to the business card:

It looks real snazzy in real life with a border....

Getting the guitar as a carry-on on board was a cinch but I am never going to get comfortable doing it. I got a good ride from a guy named Petr in a cool VW boxy van. I worked on trying to get my money back for a T-Mobile Hotspot mistake that I made at the Frankfurt Airport traveling to the Czech Republic. I filmed a few videos of my hotel room and view and I went out for a walk in this town. I enjoyed the experience. I don't like handling new money. It's confusing. I have 3 different types of currency right now. US Dollar, Euros, and Czech Crowns. Ugggh. Tomorrow is the gig. Tonight we're supposed to eat and drink some food. I am super tired. I am lapping the 24 hour period and going to get some sleep soon. We lost a gig on the Grande Mothers tour. Right now it's shortened up but still they are trying to book some gigs before we go back.

Just heard that Eric Slick's parents are listening to the gig we played together with Eric's sister. Thanks to a certain taper of the show who came to the club and taped it. We're trying to get mp3s so we can hand it out here in Europe. We really think we're awesome.

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