Tuesday, August 11, 2009

In Laredo, Spain

I am in Leredo, Spain. It's on the beach. Last night I went out to eat with Eric Slick and we drank Duff Beer together. My Spanish Sucks but i think i have a good memory for it. A full bottle of Duff beer brought my shyness about the 5 spanish words I know. I probably sound like borat to these people but worse. A laughing idiot who cant talk. They humor me here though. Mom taught Spanish, but I opted to switch out of Spanish to Italian class because my mom was too interested in finding out if I did my Spanish homework... so much that interrupted my bass and guitar playing.

Speaking of BASS playing. I am having a blast playing RENTED basses every night. I have a new realization: The world trusts standard things: Fenders and Gibsons. Everyone knows how to play one of those guitars. Why the HELL would I want to bring my guitars on planes across the world when I can get a working, pro, already set-up and intonated, new
stringed bass for free included in the backline? Here are the two basses I've played with so far. On the Backline Rider it says -- I need either a Fender Jazz or a Precision Fender.

This bass is a Fender Jazz Bass. I adjusted the action to my liking but realized that I am used to a wider neck, so I prefer a Pre
cision Bass. My Spector NS-2 is wider like the P-Bass. This Jazz Bass had a good sound but it had a problem with hum when I tried to mix pickup volumes seperately. It became easy to play but I had to warm into it. String spacing was too close for my liking. About this Amp Setup, I realize I love the Ampeg 8x10 but I couldn't get sound out of this amp with this head. I know it's an beloved SVT but I think I like an 8x10 C
ab run by a GK Head. My first head was a GallienKreuger 800RB and I still use it today because it still works! It's from 1989. I bought it New!

Here's the Bass for the Eindoven, NL show. This had a great sound. It came with Heavy Strings which shredded my fingers up, but

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