Friday, April 29, 2011

Straight Shot Up 1st Avenue, Manhattan

Ah to be on a bus, the airplane of the streets.
Noisy. Turbulence.
Out of the window, people in their clouds.

Goofy jogging man looks as though he's had enough running.
Hospital workers still wearing their drab hospital clothes -
walking on the dirty streets - I hope they go straight home.

Pass the medical center, where the many problems are
Born, Bred, and Dead.

Hasidic man on cell phone looks like Santa Claus in April.
I have a feeling...

Pregnant woman uses her fetus hump to rest her hands upon.
Must be comforting to know its not a result of a bad diet.
A soft, portable texting table.
I wonder if Joe-soon-to-be-baby can break the mother's code....
Do we ever?

Respect for the handicapped, there within.

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