Wednesday, December 9, 2009

December Rules

Super Busy this December.  I haven't gone shopping for anyone (sorry gift expecters).

(i made this flyer on my downtime last week between teaching students)

Went back to Philly this past weekend for days of recording and writing again.  Julie Slick made delicious food and engineered and played bass.  I realized I play no regular guitar in this band.  I only play baritone guitar and played wii versus Eric Slick.  He kicked my ass in Table Tennis and I kicked his ass in Swordfighting.   I took NO pictures this time!  We were hard at work but we were having fun.  Coffee, Food, Chocolate, music, wii, youtube and cable.   Really satisfied with the way things are turning out.  We went straight back to recording our songs again but revised them and wrote more to them.  Right now, the E.P. has about 4-5 solid songs that we've roped in and caged from our improvisations 3 weeks ago.  Most of all, have the fire on our asses to perform well at our first show in 3 days.  We're all psyched to play it too.

Played a really cool christmas tree lighting celebration at Madison Square Park with AudraRox.  It was the 92nd anniversary of the tree being lighted, and it was historic because this is also the site of the first christmas tree in america to ever be lit.  So as soon as they lit it, I started on guitar playing Rockin' around the Christmas Tree and kids and parents were dancing in the cold.  It was really sweet to see so many kids excited about christmas cheer....  we played all the happy fun christmas songs like frosty the snowman and rudolf and these kids went nuts jumping on tiny stage in the park and every kid sang along.  Great time.  Really roped in that old happy excited christmas spirit for me, seeing these kids sing and jump around in the cold.  And it was cold!  I bought red 99 cent gloves and cut the fingerstips off so i could play.

Got a rehearsal today and need to learn about 20 R&B songs for a house party coming up (Let's groove tonight by earth wind and fire is a song i have to learn....YES!).  Also have to learn about 14 Rock songs for a cool one-off gig I'm filling in for.  That being the case, I need to go now.

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